Tuesday, September 04, 2012

chicken pops

this labor day weekend started out with much needed rain.  friday we lounged all day, enjoying the gray skies and not going anywhere.  saturday we had scott & stacy & their kids over for dinner, and everyone had fun.  sunday zach woke up covered in bumps.  chicken pox?!  he's been vaccinated.

i kept him doped up with benedryl and we went to the clinic at the hospital in ottawa.  no diagnosis from the PA and so i just felt frustrated.  if it's not chicken pox, what is it then?! 

he did pretty well not scratching, but he wants to play outside and ride his bike.  today was hot and humid - not a good combo for welts.  he begged me, swore he wouldn't scratch, even offered me all his dollars if i'd just let him go outside.  so i loaded the 3 older kids up and we went to see paranorman.  i made him wear long sleeves in the theatre, so he wouldn't be touching the seats with his skin.  they are all scabbed over now anyways.  it passed the day pretty well.

i'm still keeping him home tomorrow, and we'll be visiting our ped.  sawyer has a rash on his face that has been there over a week now and i'm just tired of worrying about it.  today it spread all over his body, just teeny pinpoint dots that don't seem to bother him at all.  his face is peeling though, and rough patches are on his cheeks.  so weird.

i still need to write about sawyer turning two, but i'm tired.  school starts back up tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


july has been a good month so far!  did i mention that sawyer moved into emma's room, in a toddler bed?!  he did so good too!  the first couple nights, the only time he got up was when he fell out while he was sleeping and it scared him a little.  of course, now the novelty has worn off and he likes to come climb in bed with us around 3am and kick troy until he gets up.  :/

it's been soooo hot here, we really don't do anything.  troy takes the kids swimming at the pond and i stay home and clean and relax a little myself.  i've been killing brown recluse, about one a day - i've lost count but we're in the teens on my kill list.  i put out some sticky traps and caught 4 within a day in the laundry room.  ewwww.  no wonder i don't sleep well.

troy got his well to work, yay!  soon we'll have running water!  well, without having to haul it in.  

so here's a pile of pics from the last couple of weeks.  i'll write another post about the fair soon, i promise!

4th of july fireworks at the cemetary

happy 4th!

with the 8th Horcrux after their show

Sunday, July 01, 2012


ok, a whole month got away from me this time.

let's just say that june was mostly spent at the ball field, with tball and coach pitch games back to back 2-3 nights a week.  the kids did awesome, especially towards the end.  emma and alex nearly always got a hit, and aj has gotten way faster than last year!

zach did pretty well too for his first year, and had a lot of fun with the twins.  our friend stacy was their coach, and three of her four boys were on the teams with our kids.  troy helped out too, usually as a base coach.  i spent most of the games chasing sawyer around the bleachers and trying to keep him off the field!  he wants to play ball too.

the weather has been super hot lately, the grass is crunchy and we spend our days inside in the ac.  except for on the weekends, when troy takes the kids to uncle slick's pond to swim away the day.  the littles are doing summer reading at both the richmond and ottawa libraries, so we try to make story and craft times too.

i've been keeping busy with the kids and quilting.  i had a project accepted for a book coming out next june, and also got a "job" as a quilt designer on moda fabrics blog moda bake shop.   i told troy, i get paid in fame and fabric!  as long as i post a project at least every three months, i can continue to create quilts using their fabrics, and share the instructions on their blog.  i am excited about it, as i finally have an excuse (and free fabric!)to make the quilts i've been sketching and dreaming about!  so forgive me if my posting remains sporadic.  i will try to at least get photos on here more often!

finally, i ran the color run today with stacy.  it was fun, something i'd definitely do again next summer!  here's a couple pics from the day!

happy july!

Monday, May 28, 2012


wow.  summer already! 

last day of school with friend tyler

alex got strep on the 3rd to last day of school - during play day.  he still managed to run all three races, and he even took 1st in one of them!  emma was very worried about play day because she was running the 3 legged race with another girl who isn't as fast as she is.  she just knew they would get last place.  nope.  they got 2nd.  troy said emma pretty much dragged lacey across the finish line.  too funny!  zach will be moving to greeley preschool next year, which is awesome because he'll ride the bus with emma and alex.

and sawyer is still such a good kid.  although i wish he would talk.  he grunts and yells but no actual words come out.  he says ma and da and ayyay for AJ and ma for emma.  and zzzzzz for zach.

ball practices have begun and the kids are doing pretty well.  troy practices with them almost every night.  games start soon, and should be a lot of fun.  zach will play tball and the older two are in coach pitch for the 1st time.

i went to the international quilt market and it was awesome.  i have a sewing project that was accepted for a book that comes out next june, so i am super excited about that.  i am also working on writing some patterns to sell, so i have a lot of work to keep me busy.  quilt math, ugh.  i just made emma a swimsuit, and it turned out pretty good!  isn't she getting so grown up?!

i have some more pics i need to post, but that's it for now.  happy memorial day!

Friday, April 06, 2012

easter break, part 1

yesterday was a fun day.  zach had his preschool easter party at school, and sawyer had a blast hanging out with all the kids. 

they were singing silly songs, and one of them was called tootie ta  and watching sawyer try to do all the moves was hilarious!  he finally fell down and came to sit with me and watch.

after that, they went out to find their bunny baskets.  zach had a hard time, but finally found it hidden on the slide!

next we went inside, and zach shared his days with froggy.

ok, that's probably enough to share for this morning.  i'll be back later with more easter break fun! 

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


three peas in a pod

his first medal

and he made a goal in the last game of the season!  go zach!

snitches get stitches

tonight troy and i walked inside to find all three older kids arguing.  aj was changing emma's mii and she was yelling at him to stop.  and then when troy asked the kids if they had asked permission to come inside and play wii, zach immediately threw alex under the bus, saying how he was going to watch netflix but aj changed it.  sigh. we really want them to protect one another, be true friends and so seeing them be so quick to tell on each other is sad.

so we started talking about tattling, and i said "you should only tattle on someone if what they are doing is dangerous to themselves or others."  that should be the end of this discussion, right?  nope.  alex says, "yeah, like if someone is going to kill you.  or they have a bazooka."  and zach said, "yeah, or a baaay-beee gun."

which of course got all the kids cracking up talking about how a baby gun would either a) turn everyone into a baby or b) shoot out babies everywhere.  and i'm pretty sure none of the lesson soaked in.

the older kids spent the night saturday with lyla & claire, and when i met up with wendy on sunday to pick them up, the first thing she said to me was "they never shut up." yes.  yes, i know.  and i'm pretty sure the next thing she said was "they are so loud."  sawyer spent the night with mom & dad, and had fun being the spoiled grandbaby.  he roamed their backyard, and played with the dogs, and ate a bunch of ketchup with his french fry. 

troy and i went out to scipio after the ku game, which was a lot of fun but hurt terribly the next day.  so i stayed home with the younger two and troy took em & aj to their end of season wrestling party.  alex drank 4 soda pops and ate a bunch of candy and i'm pretty sure thought it was the greatest day ever.  and emma won an award!  she got grandpa's heart award - which is so sweet!  keith loved her, called her his wrestling buddy, and always told me how great she was doing.  troy said keith got a little choked up when he presented it to her.  emma told me later she was glad to win it, she said he always helped her and was super nice and she liked it when he cried :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

man, i suck...

at this mommy blogging.

so, where were we?  emma's at a sleepover tonight, for a classmate's birthday.  alex was sad after school, saying "i miss emma!"  she's doing amazing in school - already mastered her sight words up to 12th grade, writing little stories, just being funny.  she made a scrapbook, it's so cute!  i set up all my scrapbook stuff in her room so she can play with it.  i never made anything with it, she might as well!

the boys are out of control lately.  especially zach.  you tell him to stop something, and he grins and says "no." and really won't stop.  i am so flustered with him - not sure what to do with him.  troy says take the wii away, but that's the only time he's not misbehaving is when he's playing!  he's also starting wetting the bed at night, so strange, because he never has before.  i think it's because he's given up naps completely, and he's just worn out and sleeps too hard.  i keep trying to get him to lay down and rest in the afternoons, but he usually won't.

emma and alex wrestled last weekend in ottawa.  it was state for 6 and under, so the competition was tough.  alex got two pins and two losses.  if you watch the match above - ignore my voice, listen for emma's little voice cheering him on, and wait for the mad face aj gets around 2:23.  priceless!

emma didn't win any matches, but they both wrestled hard, and i for one am glad the season is over.  2 nights a week was a lot.  thank goodness for the cranes bringing them home most nights, because keeping sawyer up until 8:30 was making it rough too.

but of course, soccer starts in a week or so, tuesday nights and saturday mornings.  zach gets to play this year, and i am so excited for him!  it will be great for him to work off some of that energy.  i watched them at preschool yesterday, playing at recess.  i lost count of how many times mrs. circle said "zach..."  he was everywhere, doing things he shouldn't.  nothing too bad - he was picking up the rings that were on the ground to hopscotch through and throwing them.  or picking up the board from the balance beam and taking off with it.  you know, crap like that.  but he's such a little turd lately!  and he laughs or grins while he's doing it.

sawyer has started saying uh oh.  mostly it's just oooohhh.  and he will go get me a diaper if i ask.  he knows where his nose, ears, hair, teeth, toes, and belly button are.  he likes to snuggle the cat.  he's not real big on the dog yet though.  i started taking him to books and babies at the library during preschool, and he seems to enjoy the other babies.  he's also throwing big time tantrums, throwing himself down on the floor, tossing his head back, ugh.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

tents and trains

man, time flies by and i am not keeping up very well!  we had more sickness this week, sawyer had a double ear infection and an eye infection and is on amoxicillan to treat it.  troy hurt his back, and spent a couple days in bed and still isn't 100%.  but we're getting better!  the kids have a 4 day weekend coming up, i know they could use some downtime too.

next weekend is the ottawa wrestling tournament, should be fun.  emma spent the night at grandma's with her girl cousins last night, and should be getting home anytime.  me and the boys came home and had a movie night, which ended up being just me and aj watching because both other boys crashed.

today sawyer started saying uh oh after he'd throw a toy down.  it was pretty cute.  we're getting cabin fever around here, so we made some tents and trains.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


ok. no soapboxes this evening.  emma had a dance clinic saturday and if you can be the best at shaking your butt around, she was it.  so cute.  and retarded, but still pretty cute.  she's in the front row, white tee black leggings.  lollipop!

she will be dancing at the basketball game this friday, i am excited to go watch and leave the boys with mom.  i have been such a witch lately, and the boys are responding to it by being extra naughty.  i caught alex with a tube of spree sticking out of his pocket at country mart, zach stole my nook and hid it under the dresser in my bedroom, and sawyer throws himself backwards when he doesn't get his way.  thunk!  on the kitchen tile.  thunk! off the wall or couch.  you'd think he'd learn, but after he hits his head, he always looks surprised and then pissed.  at me.  like i did it to him.  whatev.

after a day of listening to zach complain that he's not having any fun, can we go somewhere, we never do anything fun...and listening to sawyer scream because he wants whatever zach has in his hands, well, i'm back to daydreaming of running off into the sunset.  alone.

i love my new nook!  troy bought it for an early valentine's, and so far so good.  the screen froze on me today but other than that no problems.  i have found some free books and am addicted to angry birds.  that damn green guy better stop grinning at me.

i am going to wrap this up with a cute pic of the boys taken when i wasn't screaming at them.

although i'm sure i was soon after i snapped it.  and here's our bad ass cat indy:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

sunflowers are best!

we got this sweet postcard in the mail the other day.  troy brought it inside and handed it to me.  here's what it said:

so i'm reading it aloud, and when i got to the sentence "i like the bud a lot too" i just started laughing!  and troy gave me a stern look, but i couldn't help myself.  and then, i realized alex was watching, and he started saying "i like the bud a lot too!" because it was making me laugh!  oh my gosh.  so funny.  not really appropriate, but still, so funny.

today emma went to a dance clinic, and shook her butt like nobody's business!  it was so stinking cute!  friday night i'll take her to the basketball game and they'll perform at halftime.  we went to play with cousins afterwards, and had dinner at jeff & amy's.  their huge dog hank was leaning against my leg, almost pushing me over(he's a bull mastiff and enormous!)  when i got home, einstein was crazy jealous, sniffing my leg and following me around.  so funny!

earlier tonight my MIL was talking about some family she knows where the mom was a "dopehead" and the dad was all "drugged out" and she said "i think a lot of people just think oh, it's just marijuana, it's no big deal, but then why is it illegal?!" and i couldn't help it, i said "because the alcohol and tobacco industries wanted it that way" and she gave me the strangest look.  le sigh. 

but i did refrain from getting into a discussion about decriminalizing and regulating marijuana and hemp farming as a way to reduce the nation's debt.  and how our founding fathers had hemp AND tobacco farms.  or that the paintings of Rembrandt and Vincent Van Gogh were painted primarily on hemp canvas, often with hemp oil based paint.  in the 1930's a lot of rich folks (dupont, hearst) made changes to the laws to ensure they continued to get rich - and that needs to change.  if they can put rendered beaver anal gland in my vanilla ice cream, why should this plant be illegal?  they are both "all natural"...

Sunday, January 22, 2012


apparently, getting influenza causes my inner bitch to be unleashed.  after sleeping, shivering and coughing my way through thursday and friday, i went to the walk in clinic sat morning.  mom met me up there to watch the kids while i saw the doctor.  so i sat, freezing, in the waiting room wearing a turtleneck, coat, boots, scarf, hat, AND gloves for an hour. 

then i began sweating, & crying, and had used up two boxes of their kleenex.  and i started getting really mad when people i saw come in after me were being called back.  i had already been up to the window once, and was told first come first serve.  but after a lady who had commiserated with me - even said "i know you've been waiting a long time, you were here when i got here" was called back - and didn't even say anything like, "um, she was here first?" i exploded at the desk.  the memory of my whining voice still haunts me.  so embarrassing.  they said i was next.  i said forget it and stormed out.  climbed in my van and was telling mom what happened when i had a coughing attack so bad i peed myself.  bless my mom, she went back inside and asked them to still see me. 

and they did.  and they were so nice.  and i apologized to everyone in sight for my tantrum.  and they stick a swab up my nose - the nurse told me not to hit her - and shut the lights off and had me lay down while they ran the test.  yep, the flu.  duh.  well, the tamiflu and cough suppressant they gave me doesn't seem to be doing much.  i'm not as tired as i was, but i'm still hacking away. 

and this morning sawyer woke up with 102* fever and cough.  i went to the clinic and they luckily got us right back - no tantrums, phew.  stuck a swab up his nose, and yep.  more flu.  he's on tamiflu now and slept all day.  the boys are coughing a little too. 

and i feel like punching something.  i am filled with rage, and i don't know why.  i screamed at the kids because they made a mess in the family room.  i sorta hate myself right now!!  i wish i could go to sleep, wake up, and this would be just a nightmare.  and that i could stop crying.  and peeing myself.  :(

Sunday, January 15, 2012

let's get ready to RUMBLE!!

today was wrestling at burlington - aj's 2nd and emma's 1st tournament!  i wasn't planning to go, but troy had to work the night before.  they had to be there to weigh in before 8am.  bert rode over with me, we almost ran out of gas, and i was a nervous wreck before we even got there.   troy met us in the parking lot and saved the day.  he got them signed in and where they needed to be.

 zach found hunter and followed him around all morning.

mom and dad go there just in time for the matches to start, and the fun began! 

aj wrestled first. this was the first time i've ever gotten to watch him. 

i thought he did awesome - but i don't really know anything about it.  what's that ref doing?  is that good?  does that mean points for or against?

but he was so focused and determined and i was so proud!  he won that match. 

emma was up next, against another little girl, and they were so polite and gentle.  it was emma's 1st match, and i'm glad it was an easy one.  she won that one. 

troy had to leave to go get some sleep, and bert went with him to take sawyer and zach home, which was a relief.  my back was killing me from carrying him around, and it was too busy to let him run free.  he would have ended up in the middle of one of the mats!  mom and dad headed out too, and the rest of the day it was just me, emma, and alex.  they hung out in the bleachers with the other kids, mooching off of other people's ds's and headphones.  we seriously should buy our kids some toys of their own. 

the next match was pretty rough on her.  the boy was a good wrestler, and he just got the better of her.  she started to cry a little but didn't give up.  she was madder that she cried than that she got beat.  she knew troy didn't want to see tears, but the kid kept stuffing her face into the mat!  luckily she had a longer break between it and her last match.  she won that one, and placed 2nd.  woo hoo!

aj lost two and won two, and ended up placing 4th in his bracket.  :)  medals for both!

***i'll keep trying to add the video here***

he got pushed around pretty good by this kid, harding, from SEK.  afterwards he told me the kid was trying to choke him - to DEATH!  he kept coughing and was upset and crying but still had a great attitude.  the boy who won, ended up winning the bracket.  i think.  i'm still not sure what was going on.  but he was a tough little guy, that's for sure.  and alex wore him out - it wasn't an easy win.

oh - and where did this crazy sports mom attitude come from?  i was all "KILLKILLKILL" when the kids were wrestling!  grrr!  get em, nobody better touch my babies!  maybe i don't want the video on here after all...

all in all, a fun day.  probably would have been better if i had gotten some sleep saturday night.  but i can sleep when i'm dead, right?  at least, i hope.  otherwise, death's gonna suck.